Maxweld & Braze was originally founded in the 1970s by Max Kangisser as a wholesaler of safetywear used in the welding industry. The product range was gradually expanded to include other welding consumables and equipment. The company was bought over some 30 years later, and due to various mergers and acquisitions, it gradually phased out. 

So why bring it back?

Just like the Mini Cooper, life is made richer by the come-back of certain products. With Maxweld & Braze, quality never died. Expert craftmanship never went out of fashion. Value-for-money never outdated. In fact, the gap in the market was left vacant for so long that the return of this legacy in the welding industry was imminent.

The relaunch of Maxweld & Braze will bring with it it’s tradition of dependable, reliable and attractively-priced products – but with an entirely revamped product line. Our focus on selling exclusively to the distributor market allows us to offer our clients the absolute best value in terms of quantity and price.

Maxweld & Braze is once again your comprehensive one-stop welding wholesaler. We offer a full range of affordable welding equipment and consumables – all backed by warranties - complete with a local service centre.

Now that “Max is back”, trust is back.


Maxweld & Braze is a division of Weldamax (Pty) Ltd

Proudly a Sanlam Private Equity Company