Max Kangisser, the father of Maxweld & Braze, was born in Krugersdorp in 1924.

In the early 1970’s he founded the company Maxweld & Braze, which sold welding safetywear to wholesalers. The Company traded out of a small factory shop in old Benoni.

Maxweld & Braze continued to grow until, many years later, it was bought by Thermadyne Inc. through Unique Welding Alloys.

The Company then expanded and moved to new premises in Benoni.  From there, the product range grew to include a comprehensive range of welding machines and other types of welding equipment and consumables.

With a large portion of the supplies coming from the East, Maxweld & Braze formed key partnerships with their Eastern suppliers. This allowed them to customise and streamline the technological development of their products, bringing about a widespread reputation for extremely well-priced, reliable welding products.


It is this reputation of excellent value and good-standing that we are bringing back to the forefront.

Maxweld & Braze, a stalwart in the welding industry, is back – along with their 40-year-old promise of durability and affordability.


How the brand has evolved